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The Sacramento Kings are one of the oldest franchises in basketball history and have had several different names as well as playing in various locations. The team started as the Rochester Seagrams in 1923 before joining the National Basketball League in 1945 as the Rochester Royals and in 1948 joining the Basketball Association of America and the NBA the following year. In 1957 the team relocated and renamed itself the Cincinnati Royals. Fifteen years later came another move, this time to Missouri becoming the Kansas City-Omaha Kings as they split games between Kansas and Omaha. Three seasons later they settled in Kansas and were known more simply as the Kansas City Kings. In 1985 came their final move to Sacramento.

The Kings currently play in the Western Conference Pacific Division. Their home stadium is the Golden 1 Center which has a capacity of 17,500. The team was originally known as the Royals but when they moved to Kansas City they found a baseball team already claimed the Royals name so they needed to change it. After a name-the-team contest the name Kings fit most closely with the royalty theme. The team colors are purple, slate gray and black.

For a team with such a long history there has been a general lack of success, especially in recent years. The Royals started very well, making the Playoffs in most of their seasons in Rochester with the high point coming in 1950-51 when they beat the Knicks to win the NBA Finals. In their time in Cincinnati the Royals qualified for the postseason about half the time but didn’t make it past the Division Finals. The trend continued in Kansas where their best finish was in the Conference Finals in 1981. After moving to Sacramento there have been postseason droughts, notably from 1986-1995 and 2006-2019. Around the turn of the century however. They had a run of success getting to three Conference Semifinals and one Conference Finals.

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